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Rank Class– I am offering 3 classes a week and you are encouraged to attend 2 per week.

Sparring –Required once you are camo belt (You can start sparring at a lower if desired)
                  Classes are for all ranks



Black Kick Pants / Any ATA T-Shirt

            Red Stripe Pants– Everyone

            Gold Stripe Pants– Black Belts (Purchased Separately)

            Blue Stripe Pants– Leadership Program (Purchased Separately)



You will be doing the rank for your form. So you will do the form two testings (once as recommended, once at decided).  Testing as recommended, I am looking that you know the form. Testing as decided, I am looking for mastery of the form



Testings will be once a month, however a normal testing for a student will be every two months if the student is ready and permission has been given by instructor.  

If a student shows that they want it and attends three times a week, instructor may grant permission to test in a month or full rank a testing in a two month cycle.

Tigers– We will practice the techniques that we learn during the current month and I will be out there on the floor demonstrating with them  

White, Orange, Yellow Belts– Form, One Steps

Camo - Rec Black Belt– Forms, Sparring

Black Belt Testings– One lower rank form, form - Choong Jung 2, Sparring, Board Breaks (Instructors Choice), Between 50-60 seconds weapon form that you create (can be any weapon you choose).



Tigers– Ages 4-7 years old.  One hand technique, one foot technique, one self-defense, and all first half of the form of Songahm I

Beginners– White, Orange, Yellow Belts

High Ranks– Camo Through Recommended Black Belt

Black Belts– All ranks of 1stDegree Black Belt and above

Sparring– All ranks.  Camo and up are required to spar.  This will include sparring techniques, drills, free sparring and combat sparring



Opportunity to come up with your own form. Can be either open hand or with a weapon. During this class you will have time to work on your own, but we will also some skills as well.


LEADERSHIP (invitation)

This class is for students who desire to learn and lead. There will be a focus on students who want to become instructors. This will be invitation by the Instructor only.