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Schedule and Calendar

Webster Taekwondo

All ages train together, except for the Tigers*. This allows for more convenient scheduling for families...Plus, taekwondo is a great family activity! The following schedule is for September through May. During the summer, while there are so many other family activities, we drop the Thursday classes only but offer a variety of other training for you to benefit from. Check the calendar below for this summer's offerings.  Please note that Intermediates will spar during their classes on Mondays. Optionally, they may also spar with the higher ranks on Tuesdays.

 5:30-5:55  Tigers*  6:00-6:40   Adult Sparring+ 5:30-5:55 Tigers
 5:30-6:10  White Belts  6:40-7:10   Jr. Sparring+ 5:30-6:10 Intermediates
 6:00-6:40   Orange/Yellow  7:15-7:55   High Ranks  6:15-6:55 High Ranks


 8:00-9:00    Black Belts  7:00-7:40  Black Belts
7:35-8:15  Tournament Prep     7:45-8:25  Beginners
 8:15-9:00 Warrior XFit^      8:30-8:55 Stretching

*Tigers are ages 4-6 years old. This program is designed to introduce students to the martial arts while working on focus, self-control, manners, following directions, coordination, etc.
+Sparring classes are for ranks Camo and up. Adult sparring includes students 13 and up, with exceptions
^Warrior XFit is a high-intensity interval training conditioning class.