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Schedule and Calendar

Webster Taekwondo

All ages train together, except for the Tigers*. This allows for more convenient scheduling for families...Plus, taekwondo is a great family activity! The following schedule is for September through May. During the summer, while there are so many other family activities, we drop the Thursday classes only but offer a variety of other training for you to benefit from. Closer to time, check the calendar below for the summer's offerings.

 5:30-5:55  Tigers*  6:00-6:55   Open mat  5:30-5:55 Tigers
 5:30-6:10  Beginners  7:00-9:00   Black belts+  6:00-7:30 All ranks class
 6:15-6:45  Intermediates  7:35-8:30 Leadership-C/X
 6:50-7:20  Color belt sparring+      8:00-8:35 Warrior XFit
 7:25-8:05  High ranks      8:35-9:00  Stretching
 8:10-9:00  Tournament prep    

*Tigers are ages 4-6 years old. This program is designed to introduce students to the martial arts while working on focus, self-control, manners, following directions, coordination, etc.

+Sparring classes are required for ranks specified that day, and optional on the other day. Black belts will spar at the beginning of their Tuesday class.

^Warrior XFit is a high-intensity interval training conditioning class.