Davenport's ATA Martial Arts

Changing People's Lives...
             With Traditional Values


"Mrs. Davenport has made a remarkable change in my children. Their self-confidence has blossomed and they've grown in their respect toward teachers, parents and peers. And all this while having fun training!"  

 Yvonne B.

"Mrs. Davenport knows the topic extremely well but just as important, she is very creative in how she passes her knowledge to her students. She seems to effortlessly adjust her approach in order to best benefit the individual. It is also amazing how well she can have a very large group composed of all ages, attentive and following closely with her instruction."  

Nelda W.

"After so many years with the program, my boys are still eager and interested. I thank Mrs. Davenport for that. I also find my children using some of the skills they have learned (patience, respect, confidence) in other areas of their lives, such as school."  

Barbara C.

"I have recommended her to friends who have tried the class and then enrolled their children. They have done so because of Mrs. Davenport, her obvious skill and equally obvious love for her students. I have no greater endorsement than to say 'I trust her with my children'" 

Cynthia R.

"Mrs. Davenport has a passion for the martial arts. She teaches with confidence and precision. Not only does she desire for her students to grow in their knowledge and respect for this discipline, but she also is continually pushing herself to be better and better." 
Sarah D.

"She is always positive and upbeat, yet demands respect and discipline from her students." 

Lynn R.

"She is an excellent teacher, a person of high integrity, a professional and great with children." 

Christine D.